About us

About Us

Fueled by passion, propelled by the infinite desire to grow and explore. The team at Plinko Gambler is a group of crypto, blockchain, and gaming enthusiasts looking to bring new levels of trustworthiness and transparency to online casinos.

Our mostly millennial team demographic holds good memories of the good old Plinko TV game shows, and our fascination with the east soon led us to discover the gripping world of “Pachinko”.

In the past few years, the story of blockchain and Plinko has been interweaving with great success. Plinko enthusiasts like us were immediately interested.

Blockchain transparency protocols and easily accessible cryptocurrencies have fueled the development of 10+ online Plinko games with record-breaking numbers of players. Together with the provably fair gambling concept, the Plinko game is experiencing a much-needed renaissance.

Our Mission

So why would you bother with cryptocurrencies and online casinos, what’s the big deal?

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the casino industry by providing access to tamper-proof records of transactions and provably fair game results. This introduced a new, greatly-needed level of trust between players and casino operators. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, provide fast, hassle-free, and cost-effective transactions that are independent of banks and credit card companies.

Finding unbiased information about online casinos and Plinko game providers is a nightmare. Spam and promotion-filled search results made us feel even more confused and nervous about playing Plinko in an online crypto casino.

So we decided to close the gap. Do things differently.

After visiting numerous online casinos and playing all the available Plinko games, we started Plinkogambler.io. We use this platform to report on our findings and help you in your Plinko adventures by providing assurance and hands-on experience.

Our Review Process

We already mentioned our hands-on approach a few seconds ago. We firmly believe we can’t review something and be credible without actually trying it out firsthand.

Whenever we conduct a casino or game review, we make anonymous accounts, deposit our money and play the games. During this process, we take notes of our experience and the experiences of other team members. We then join these notes into our long-from reviews.

Here’s what we pay attention to

  • Bonuses
  • Gaming Experience
  • Game Selection
  • Licensing, Security & Privacy
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Support

… and everything in between, like the speed of deposits, anonymity, withdrawal limits, and more. We cover all the bases that make up a trustworthy casino. Throughout our reviews, we also compare casinos that do certain things better or worse.

Lastly, we want to make Plinko Gambler a place where you can leave your review and help us build a community.

What’s In It For Us?

All this talk about transparency and trust would not make much sense without revealing how we sustain our operations.

We pay our reviewers and writers by using the affiliate marketing revenue model. If you find our unbiased reviews useful, you may choose to click on one of the links of our partners. We earn a small commission as you register and deposit your funds at a chosen casino.

Affiliate marketing is a widely spread business model, and it’s the only way to sustain this platform that allows us to stay unbiased.

And that’s it. We are not forced or paid to write positive reviews on any of the brands we include on this site. All of our hands-on reviews are done using anonymous accounts and our own money.

We also review casinos with whom we don’t have any affiliation. We keep transparency and trust at the core of our being. Without it, none of this makes sense.